2018 GEC Catalyst Awards

2018 GEC Catalyst Awards

The mission of the Global Electronics Council (GEC) is to achieve a world in which only sustainable electronics are designed, manufactured and purchased. The GEC Catalyst Awards seek to inspire innovation in the design, manufacture and use of Information Technology (IT) to advance sustainability globally.

Each year the Catalyst Awards focus on a different theme. The 2018 Catalyst Awards theme was Advancing Human Wellness Through IT. Through GEC’s partnership with the Personal Connected Health Alliance, the 2018 Catalyst Awards ceremony took place October 19 as part of the Connected Health Conference.

GEC provides two Catalyst Awards. The first is “Catalyzing Impact at Scale,” which recognizes organizations that have achieved a large-scale sustainability impact due to their design, manufacture and/or use of IT. The second is “Catalyzing Disruptive Innovation,” which recognizes organizations that have designed cutting-edge technologies or used technology in such a way that, if adopted widely, could lead to exponential sustainability gains.

2018 Catalyst Awards Winners

Catalyzing Impact at Scale
HP, Inc.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every day around the world about 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. That figure is staggering at more than 300,000 fatalities per year. Ninety-nine percent of these avoidable deaths occur where resources are scarce and access to healthcare is limited. Together, HP and the WONDER Project have developed tools and clinical protocols for reducing maternal mortality. These technology-centric tools enable persistent remote monitoring, heightening awareness of potentially life-threatening conditions. Such technology-enabled strategies for the reduction of maternal mortality and morbidity are integral to reducing global disparities in maternal health outcomes. The initiative provides clinical care models for the delivery of services to remote populations. In this way, the program increases access to healthcare, and enables visibility to often silent risk factors that may threaten the lives of expectant mothers.

Catalyzing Disruptive Innovation
World Health Organization and International Telecommunication Union

Preventing disease is the most sustainable way of improving population health. However, it can be challenging to reach people with the right information to stop avoidable conditions from developing. Be He@lthy, Be Mobile has worked with governments since 2013 to address a global challenge around improving disease prevention by using mobile technology. The initiative’s focus is on helping people access evidence-based information to protect them against a set of diseases that are currently the biggest killers worldwide: noncommunicable diseases. The approach is deliberately designed to be scalable: instead of promoting specific products, it provides cross-cutting health content and technical support which can be used and incorporated into other applications. It also works to develop the broader ecosystem within which a national mHealth program will sit, helping to ensure that it is integrated with other health services.

2018 Catalyst Awards Finalists

American TelePhysicians

American TelePhysicians (ATP) is a physician-led digital connected healthcare organization that envisions transforming global healthcare for the patients by establishing and interconnecting innovative healthcare ecosystems globally. These ecosystems are established around ATP’s proprietary one-stop digital healthcare marketplace solution, SHIFA4U (Shifa means Cure). SHIFA4U connects patients (and/or their caregivers on their behalf) with healthcare services and resources with price transparency by consolidating local and international healthcare services on its digital portal. The project also educates patients about various healthcare issues and also guides them about available resources and solutions thus providing them real-time access to value-based comprehensive care at the right time, in right place, at the right cost, by the right provider. Patients can also call a dedicated clinical support line to request and process those services.

Annum Health

There are 70 million adults in the U.S. that drink heavily, costing the U.S. economy $250 billion annually, which is more than diabetes. The 17 million adults who meet the criteria for Alcohol Use Disorder account for 80% of all substance use disorders. Excessive alcohol consumption is also a major contributor to many costly chronic diseases and several cancers. Annum Health provides a complete, mobile solution for treating the large majority of people struggling with excessive use of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Cannabis – the three legal addictions. Accessed through our private and secure mobile application, individuals seeking to quit or cut back receive up to a year of treatment and support provided by an integrated team of physicians, therapists, and coaches.


Baswen provides patient-generated oral medication data solutions that produce medication time evidence directly from the patient’s bottle. Baswen’s metered dose-dispensing and data-sensing technology enables a unit dose tablet to be dispensed from the bottle and captures medication evidence optically from a dispensing gate. The data can be transferred to industry real-time via a mobile application, increasing medication adherence and patient compliance. The automatic sensing solution provides medication-taking evidence in real-time or periodically to pharmaceutical companies, as well as regulators and payers for clinical trials and decision-making. Its medication system helps to prevent patients from misuse and overdose of drugs, also increasing medication compliance with payer coverage and reporting system. Baswen’s technology expects to help complete data flow from pharmaceutical patient medication to entire health care industries utilizing real-world data for health care of patients.

UN World Food Programme

The World Food Programme Humanitarian Booking Hub is an innovative 24/7 humanitarian e-booking hub providing global access in one digital place to many critical services available to humanitarian workers in very remote and underserved duty stations. The hub is the one single digital stop where field accommodation, humanitarian flights, airport driver pick up, consultations in UN Clinics, and psychologists can be booked and accessed from aid workers to deliver last-mile aid. You may watch a video about this initiative below:


The Wellsmith platform delivers best-in-class health and wellness experiences to consumers demanding more insights and support between doctor visits — and even their devices. With Wellsmith, consumers with Type 2 diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and heart failure manage their own health. Six months after rolling out the platform to employees and patients, clinical teams at Cone Health — a leading not-for-profit network of healthcare providers in North Carolina – continue to track an average drop of 1 point in calculated A1C levels, which are used to diagnose Type 2 diabetes and to gauge how well a patient is managing diabetes – matching early results from the two-month mark. The key to this continuing success is how Wellsmith engages consumers, gives them the ability to work with clinical teams to gain more control over lifestyle choices – diet, exercise, medication compliance.


Xealth enables healthcare teams to order digital health and wellness content, apps, programs, concierge services, and devices to extend their ability to support patients; from inside their EHR workflow. Patients can then access these digital health prescriptions from the provider’s portal allowing them to actively manage their health. Connecting patients directly to digital content and services gives care teams and physicians the ability to monitor the efficacy of prescribed treatment plans, and ensures a successful continuum of care that has previously been much more difficult to achieve. Xealth integrates multiple solutions, into Xealth’s Partner API and platform, for healthcare clinicians and patients in a way that is scalable and efficient to the health system and maximally engaging to the patient.