GEC 2021 Annual Report Posted

GEC has released its 2021 Annual Report covering finances for the year. If you would like to view the report, you can do so at the Annual Reports link in this website’s footer, or to jump straight to the 2021 report you may click this link. Please email

Translating our Newsletters with Google Translate

Did you know that you can translate our Newsletters and many of our other emails into many additional languages with Google Translate? In this article, we’ll show you step by step how to do so! To start, click the “View this email in your browser”...
GEC Organizational Change

GEC Organizational Change

The Global Electronics Council is announcing a search for a new CEO in response to the departure of its long-time CEO, Nancy Gillis. Carl Smith, GEC’s prior Board Chair and retired CEO of Call2Recycle, is assuming the role of Interim CEO. The Board has established a...