EPEAT Registry

EPEAT is the world’s leading electronics ecolabel. Accordingly, procurement professionals from across the globe use EPEAT and its powerful online registry as a free resource to find sustainable electronics.

EPEAT’s free online Registry lists thousands of products, more than any other electronics ecolabel. Over 50 established and emerging brands have registered EPEAT products in the following categories: Computers and Displays, Imaging Equipment, Mobile Phones, Network Equipment, Photovoltaics, Servers, and Televisions.

Global Electronics Council (GEC) manages the EPEAT Registry, including the Conformity Assurance Bodies that provide third-party verification of manufacturers’ EPEAT claims.

Manufacturers may register products under EPEAT based on the devices’ ability to meet required and optional EPEAT criteria that address impacts across the full product lifecycle. Thus, they must consider the product’s design and production, energy use, recyclability, repairability, and more.

The EPEAT Registry is a searchable website that lists the products currently meeting EPEAT criteria.

EPEAT For Procurement

The free online EPEAT Registry allows procurement professionals to search for more sustainable electronics based on product category, manufacturer, and EPEAT tier.

All EPEAT-registered products meet rigorous required sustainability criteria. In addition, some manufacturers choose to meet additional optional criteria to qualify for a higher EPEAT tier. Products are separated accordingly into three tiers.

Bronze-rated products meet all the EPEAT required criteria. Additionally, Silver-rated products meet at least 50% of the optional criteria. Subsequently, Gold-rated products meet all the required criteria and at least 75% of the optional criteria.

Purchasers can easily communicate their preference or requirement to purchase more sustainable products by adding EPEAT to RFPs and purchasing contracts. Model Contract Language is available for guidance on how to specify EPEAT.

Purchasers can also quantify the impacts and benefits of their procurement using the free EPEAT Benefits Calculators. These calculators generate data on several environmental impacts, including cost savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.


  1. Search the EPEAT Registry for free
  2. Require your vendors to provide EPEAT-Registered products
    1. Work with vendors to identify cost-saving EPEAT-Registered products
    2. Download model policy and contract language
    3. Specify EPEAT in purchasing contracts
    4. Require vendors to report on EPEAT-Registration status for all sales
  3. Get Recognized as an EPEAT Purchaser
    1. Apply for an EPEAT Purchaser Award
    2. Access additional Purchaser Resources
    3. Contact us for questions
  4. Track and measure progress
    1. Use our free guidance on including EPEAT purchases in GRI and CDP reports
    2. Calculate cost-savings
    3. Calculate environmental benefits