Global Purchaser Network

At GEC we believe in leveraging the power of the purchaser to drive impact at a global scale. We recognize that decisions made by purchasers have ripple effects that influence society and the planet. That is why we are proud to announce the upcoming launch of the Global Purchaser Network, a worldwide community of institutional purchasers who want to create significant positive outcomes on environmental and social issues.

We are bringing together global networks of organizations dedicated to sustainable procurement in different fields to demonstrate the collective power of purchasing to drive sustainability and circularity, not only in technology but in all sectors of procurement.

In building this community, GEC is fostering collaboration among organizations that reach institutional purchasers, to bring together procurement professionals from all industries to connect with each other, learn best practices, share valuable resources and training, and provide expertise to peers to accelerate progress through the power of purchasing.

It is free for organizations and individuals to join the Global Purchaser Network, which will be available in four languages to reach an international audience. Members of the Network will also be able to join other groups based on region, organizational affiliation or topic of interest.

More details will follow.