To continue balancing the credibility of EPEAT with the reality of ongoing global impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, in 12월 2021 GEC authorized the EPEAT Program to issue new temporary conformity assurance modifications. The modifications took effect on 1월 1, 2022, and are based on stakeholder outreach and consultation that was undertaken in Q4 2021.

GEC is committed to publishing an EPEAT Program Monthly Transparency Report to enable all EPEAT Program stakeholders to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact Participating Manufacturers, and to communicate how the temporary COVID-related conformity assurance modifications are being used by Participating Manufacturers.

2022년 10월 EPEAT 프로그램 월간 투명성 보고서가 현재 제공되며 2022년 10월 1일부터 2022년 10월 31일까지 모든 활성 EPEAT 참여 제조업체의 COVID 정책 수정 사용을 요약합니다. 다음 월간 보고서는 2023년 1월에 발표될 예정입니다.

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