GEC is pleased to announce that NSF International, which partners with GEC on EPEAT criteria development, will expand the opportunity for stakeholder participation. Starting with the Climate Change Mitigation criteria module, NSF will offer a 2nd public consultation period on draft criteria. The 2nd public consultation will be open for 30 days and limited in scope to those revisions proposed by the Technical Committee since the initial public consultation.

The 2nd public consultation for the Climate Change Mitigation module will be concurrent with the Technical Committee ballot and open in July or August 2022. The exact timing is dependent on the progress of the Technical Committee. Following this pilot, NSF will make any refinements necessary and will implement a 2nd public consultation for other EPEAT criteria development initiatives and sustainability impact modules. The impact of the 2nd public consultation on the criteria development and implementation schedule will be evaluated and communicated following the pilot.

Any questions about the 2nd public consultation should be directed to Patty Dillon, GEC Vice President of Criteria and Category Development (, or Greta Baragar, NSF Sustainability Standards Lead.