The Global Electronics Council (GEC) is developing criteria to address design of imaging equipment to allow for use of remanufactured cartridges, to minimize use of paper, ink and toner and to meet internationally recognized indoor air quality standards, as well as consumable take-back programs to enable circularity.

This Call for Participation is to notify stakeholders of the opportunity to participate on the multi-stakeholder Technical Committee that will evaluate and reach consensus on these sustainability leadership criteria. GEC is partnering with NSF International, an organization with extensive expertise in managing voluntary consensus processes, to convene and manage the Technical Committee. See the Call for Participation for additional information on Technical Committee membership.

If you are interested in applying to participate on the Technical Committee, please complete the Technical Committee Application Form, and return it by midnight U.S. Eastern Time on February 24, 2023 to Greta Baragar, Sustainability Standards Lead, NSF International ( If you’re interested in participating as an Observer, please complete the Technical Committee Observer Application Form.

These criteria will be applied to the EPEAT Imaging Equipment product category only, along with criteria for Climate Change Mitigation, Sustainable Use of Resources, Reducing Chemicals of Concern and Corporate Environment, Social and Governance Performance. See the overview of Criteria Modules by Sustainability Impact for more information on these criteria modules, GEC’s criteria development process, participation options, and anticipated schedule.

Questions about Technical Committee applications should be directed to Greta Baragar at NSF ( If you have questions about the imaging equipment consumables criteria or the criteria development process, please contact GEC at: