The EPEAT Program ensures the ongoing conformance of EPEAT-registered products through a surveillance process known as Continuous Monitoring. Continuous Monitoring activities occur throughout the year and test the ability of Participating Manufacturers to prove conformance with EPEAT Criteria on an ongoing basis. Continuous Monitoring activities include investigations planned by the EPEAT Program and implemented by GEC-approved Conformity Assurance Bodies (CABs) within discrete timeframes called Continuous Monitoring Rounds. For each Round, the EPEAT Program specifies the products and EPEAT Criteria to be investigated, the specific timeframe for investigative activities, and the method of investigation that CABs must use. All EPEAT-registered products in all product categories and all Participating Manufacturers are subject to Continuous Monitoring.

On May 11, 2022, EPEAT launched Level 1 Continuous Monitoring Rounds for the following product categories: Mobile Phones, Photovoltaic Modules and Inverters, Servers, and Televisions. Level 1 Rounds involve investigations that use Documentation Review to determine the conformance of products with specific EPEAT Criteria.

In these Investigations, Participating Manufacturers have a discrete period in which they must provide evidence that demonstrates conformance with the selected EPEAT Criteria. The plans for these Rounds (Mobile Phones MP-2022-03, Photovoltaics PV-2022-02, Servers SV-2022-03, Televisions TV-2022-03) are now posted on the EPEAT Registry, and provide an overview of the investigative process, the total number of products selected, and the Criteria selected for investigation. Key dates for these Rounds are as follows:

Key Dates for Continuous Monitoring Rounds
Investigation Phase
CABs actively conduct Investigations, make recommendations on conformity, and prepare Draft Investigation Reports.
May 11, 2022—July 24, 2022
Deliberation Phase
The EPEAT Program reviews Draft Investigation Reports and supporting evidence and makes final decisions of conformity.
July 25, 2022—September 8, 2022
Corrective Action Phase
Participating Manufacturers correct nonconformances found during Investigations and CABs review for acceptability.
September 15, 2022—November 14, 2022
Reporting Phase
The EPEAT Program publishes an Outcomes Report summarizing the Round activities and results.
November 28, 2022

On the start date of the Rounds, GEC-approved CABs notify their Participating Manufacturer clients that their products have been selected for investigation and begin the evidence collection process.

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