GEC invites stakeholders to participate in the review and drafting of Corporate ESG Performance Criteria for the upcoming EPEAT sustainability impact modules.

GEC anticipates forming Expert Ad Hoc Groups to address the following criteria topics:

  1. Labor and Occupational Health and Safety Performance in the electronics supply chain
  2. Responsible Mineral Sourcing, covering 3TG + cobalt
  3. Corporate Environmental Management Systems

Expert Ad Hoc Groups will provide technical feedback on draft criteria and definitions, as well as draft criteria text as needed. The work of the Expert Ad Hoc Groups will start in late June 2022 and is expected to continue for 2-4 months depending on the topic. The Expert Ad Hoc Groups will meet by teleconference and provide offline review and comment on Corporate ESG Performance Criteria drafts.

Stakeholders with expertise in the above topics are encouraged to participate, including, but not limited to, manufacturers, government policy, purchasers, non-governmental organizations, academics, and component and material suppliers.

If you’d like to participate in any of the above Expert Ad Hoc Groups, please send an email to by June 2, 2022. Please identify the Expert Ad Hoc Group(s) that you are interested in from the above list and provide a brief summary of your background and experience with the topic.

Please contact the project lead, Erica Logan (, with any questions.