The Global Electronics Council (GEC) is dedicated to continuous improvement of the EPEAT Program. To this end, GEC monitors industry trends, regulatory changes, and market drivers which may impact EPEAT, and responds accordingly. Although GEC has mechanisms in place to monitor these broader external factors, we believe stakeholder input is of paramount importance to ensuring that EPEAT continues to be the leading global Type 1 ecolabel for electronics.   

Stakeholder feedback and insights are an integral component of GEC’s management of the EPEAT Program and are particularly important during the annual policy revision process where stakeholder feedback is sought not only during the formal public stakeholder comment period every October, but also earlier in the year through stakeholder engagement sessions on specific policy and programmatic topics. These stakeholder engagement sessions provide important preliminary input to GEC and help inform GEC’s thinking before developing proposed policy or programmatic revisions.  

This year, GEC is soliciting preliminary stakeholder feedback on the following topics: 

  1. EPEAT Registry: How information is displayed in the Registry  
  2. Updated Documentation Review process

GEC hosted an information session on June 12, 2024 to identify specific issues and discussion questions regarding each of these topics for stakeholder consideration.  

GEC is currently accepting preliminary stakeholder feedback until July 5 on the topics, specific issues, and discussion questions identified in the June 12 webinar. Please contact for a copy of the presentation materials or to submit feedback.  

GEC will be hosting a second stakeholder engagement session in late July or early August to present proposed approaches for addressing each of the key issues.