We are accepting applications for the 2023 EPEAT Purchaser Awards! If your organization is purchasing EPEAT-registered electronics, you may qualify for this award. Eligible organizations have procurement policies and contract language that require or prefer EPEAT and can report the volume of those purchases. Winners receive public recognition for their successes and a calculation of the Environmental Impact of their purchases. The awards are open to all organizations, and GEC would like to help you gain recognition in 2023.  

Whether you’ve been an EPEAT Purchaser Award winner in the past or are looking to earn this award for the first time, working through the checklist below will ensure a successful application.   

EPEAT Purchaser Award applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The cutoff date for this year’s celebration is April 3, 2023.  

Tips for a Successful EPEAT Purchaser Awards Application:  

  1. Identify EPEAT-registered purchases  
    • Check your current purchases against the EPEAT Registry. You can search EPEAT-registered products, product type, tier, and product criteria details.  
  2. Require EPEAT in purchasing policies and contracts  
    • Check out GEC’s model contract and policy language, along with current examples of these resources used by institutional purchasers. 
  3. Talk to your vendors now.  
    • Request procurement reporting information from your vendor using this sample language for EPEAT-registered electronics. 
  4. Adopt EPEAT for additional categories 
    • By making more of your electronics purchases sustainable, you increase your organization’s environmental and cost benefits.   
    • Did you know GEC has recently added an EPEAT category for Photovoltaic Modules and Inverters (PVMI)? Check out this recording of our recent webinar – Using EPEAT to Purchase Sustainable Photovoltaic Modules and Inverters.
  5. Apply Online by April 3, 2023! 

Questions? Contact our Purchaser Awards team today!