GEC will be facilitating a Conformity Guidance Group meeting on June 27, 2022, over the following timeslots:

  • Timeslot 1: 5 am Pacific/8 am Eastern/2 pm Central Europe/8 pm China Standard Time
  • Timeslot 2: 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern/8 pm Central Europe/2 am China Standard Time
  • Timeslot 3: 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern/2 am Central Europe [June 28th, 2022]/8 am China Standard Time [June 28th, 2022]

The Conformity Guidance Group (CGG) is open to all stakeholders including Participating Manufacturers, GEC-approved CABs, and Purchasers. The CGG is not a standing committee and there are no standing members.

As a reminder, the EPEAT Program seeks technical guidance and expertise from the CGG. The purpose of the CGG is to provide input about specific technical issues about the criteria that EPEAT uses in its various product categories, including when and how updated criteria should be implemented in EPEAT. Because participants must be prepared to discuss and provide feedback on technical issues, the EPEAT Program requests that participants be technical experts themselves or have access to relevant technical resources.

The following agenda items will be reviewed during the June 27, 2022 meeting:

  • Transition to Sustainability Impact Module Criteria (continued from June 2, 2022 meeting).
  • Note that the same topics will be discussed in each meeting. These different times are scheduled to allow more participants to engage in their time zones.

We will hold another session after June 27th that will bring all participants back together to discuss the implementation of the Sustainability Impact Module Criteria. The date is to be determined, but manufacturers and stakeholders will be notified.

If you are interested in attending the upcoming meeting, please register at one of the timeslots above to be added to the meeting invitation and distribution list. Attendees will receive reference materials with background on the topic and specific questions we are seeking input on.