The annual Renewable Energy Markets™ (REM™) conference convenes a broad spectrum of industry professionals who are rapidly transforming the global clean energy marketplace. For over 25 years REM™ has remained the leading forum for promoting and accelerating the clean energy economy.

REM™ will host hundreds of clean energy decision makers and offer ample opportunity for dealmaking and networking. The conference brings corporate leaders, policymakers, and suppliers together to collaborate and guide the rapidly expanding market. Attendees explore emerging trends in policy, exchange best practices in renewable energy procurement and marketing, review the latest technology and market innovations, and help shape the future for renewable energy.

Debbie Graham-Clifford, GEC’s Director of Global Purchaser and Manufacturer Relations will be hosting a table discussion at the event! Visit her table to discuss EPEAT and Procuring Solar PV with Low Carbon Life-Cycle Emissions. You won’t want to miss this table discussion if you’re planning future solar PV projects or are a manufacturer interested in learning more about our EPEAT Ultra-low Carbon PV Product category.

REM™ 2022 will be held in Minneapolis on September 14–16. The conference is organized by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions and co-sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Registration is now open at