GEC is pleased to release its final State of Sustainability Research for Imaging Equipment Consumables, which reflects stakeholder comments and data-supported recommendations submitted during the public consultation process. A summary of comments and how the report was modified in response is available upon request, by contacting

This State of Sustainability Research is the science-based foundation for EPEAT criteria development. The research identifies priority contributors of consumables, specifically ink and toner cartridges and paper, to the life cycle impacts of imaging equipment in three areas: climate change, resource use, and chemicals of concern. The research then examines how the overall sustainability footprint of imaging equipment devices can be improved by implementing design and circularity strategies focused on these consumables. Finally, this research recommends criteria for the EPEAT ecolabel, based on the science and evidence presented in this State of Sustainability Research.

GEC is now convening Expert Ad Hoc Groups to review and draft criteria for imaging equipment use of consumables. Stakeholders interested in participating in criteria development are encouraged to contact if they haven’t already done so.

Please get in touch with Erica Logan ( with any questions.