Today GEC releases its draft State of Sustainability Research on Imaging Equipment Consumables for a 60-day public comment period. This research analyzes the life cycle sustainability impacts of ink and toner cartridges/containers, and paper consumables relative to the footprint of the imaging equipment device. It then identifies strategies for mitigating the most significant environmental impacts. These strategies focus on business practices and design of the imaging equipment device to enable circularity.

The purpose of GEC’s State of Sustainability Research is to identify priority impacts and best practices for mitigating these impacts and serve as the science and evidence-based foundation for developing criteria for the EPEAT ecolabel.  GEC welcomes stakeholder review of this State of Sustainability Research and submission of comments, including:

  • Identification of additional life cycle analyses and pertinent data on the sustainable use of resources;
  • Mitigation strategies and best practices leading to demonstrable impact reductions;
  • Errors and omissions in the analyses and criteria recommendations; and
  • Affirmative feedback (e.g., if priority sustainability impacts are identified and adequately addressed).

Please submit comments, by completing the SOSR Public Comment Form and submitting it via e-mail to no later than 11:59 PST on October 18, 2022.

Questions regarding this notice may be directed to the project lead, Erica Logan, Director, Sustainability Criteria Development;