EPEAT provides Conformity Guidance Materials, available for download by CABs and Participating Manufacturers as guidance to help navigate the verification requirements of EPEAT criteria. Conformity Guidance Materials undergo updates periodically. To keep stakeholders informed of these updates, EPEAT maintains the Conformity Guidance Materials History spreadsheet, which contains updates and versions for each criterion for each product category. Both the Conformity Guidance Materials and their version history can be accessed by logging into your user account at https://epeat.net/resources.

Following are the most recent updates to the Conformity Guidance Materials:

Computers and Displays:

Updated the following conformity guidance materials:

  • Added to Document Review Expectations to add language to specify this criterion applies to all printed circuit board laminates in the product and may earn the Manufacturer 1 point. 

Photovoltaic Modules and Inverters:

Updated the following conformity guidance materials:

  • 9.1.2: Optional Corporate Annual criterion; Publicly available record of annual recycling and recovery achievement.