The EPEAT Program makes policy and procedural updates on an annual basis and is proposing revisions to the EPEAT Policy Manual (P65), EPEAT Conformity Assurance Implementation Manual (P66), and GEC Criteria Development Process (P74). GEC has also released a new document, GEC Selection of Product Categories (P75) for public comment as well.

Stakeholder feedback and insights are an essential part of the Global Electronics Council’s (GEC) management of the EPEAT Program. GEC is currently holding a comment period on key policy documents and welcomes stakeholder feedback on the October 2022 proposed revisions to the EPEAT Policy Manual, the EPEAT Conformity Assurance Implementation Manual, and GEC Criteria Development Process, as well as the first edition of GEC Selection of Product Categories.

To facilitate the review of these documents, GEC held informational sessions for stakeholders on November 14, 2022, to highlight key changes and answer any questions. Three sessions were held throughout the day to accommodate worldwide locations, and each session covered the same topics. A recording of the webinar, as well as the presentation materials, are now available.

As a reminder, the comment period was originally scheduled to be open from October 17 through December 16, 2022, however, GEC has decided to extend the deadline to December 31, 2022. Comments must be documented using the EPEAT Public Comment Form and submitted electronically to All comments received will be made publicly available in a stakeholder comment report, summarizing comments received and attributing the comments directly to the submitter.

GEC reserves the right not to consider comments received after 11:59 pm North America Pacific Time on December 31, 2022.

Please direct any questions about this public comment period to