New York State and EPEAT

February 4, 2021


  • IT products purchased by New York State are competitive, effective and ultimately save millions of dollars
  • Use of EPEAT, a New York State Executive Order and centralized contracts enables the state’s success in identifying and purchasing responsibly made, sustainable IT products
  • Environmental priorities identified by New York State are addressed through selection of products that meet specific EPEAT criteria
  • Diligent tracking of EPEAT-registered product purchases has resulted in quantifiable environmental benefits and public recognition

Introduction to EPEAT and New York State

Users of OGS centralized contracts purchase upwards of 200,000 computers and displays each year. These electronics are essential in providing services to the state’s 19.8 million residents. However, for all the efficiencies and benefits created through IT, these electronics also carry significant impact on human and environmental health globally. Since 2008, New York State (NYS) has been working to reduce these impacts through the procurement of EPEAT-registered IT products. EPEAT is the definitive, comprehensive global ecolabel for sustainable electronics.

Overview: Benefits of Purchasing Sustainable IT Products with EPEAT

Environmental and Human Health Benefits: Vast reduction in energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, hazardous and solid waste, increased use of recycled plastics, recycled content packaging, and reusable packaging.

Financial Benefits: Through an aggregate buy program for computers offered by the New York State Office of General Services (OGS), users of OGS centralized contracts are able to achieve substantial environmental benefits as well as cost savings. On average, purchasers save approximately 45% off of the state contract pricing, realize additional cost savings through reduced energy consumption, and see other environmental benefits including reductions in hazardous waste, solid waste, and greenhouse gases.