Wipro Case Study

April 7, 2021


  • Wipro is the first institutional purchaser headquartered in India to receive recognition for sustainable IT procurement leadership as an EPEAT Purchaser Award winner.
  • Purchasing EPEAT-registered products will generate $4,875,789 in lifetime cost savings for the products purchased between 2016 and 2019.
  • Since the adoption of EPEAT requirements, Wipro has reduced 19,438 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions and 128 metric tons of hazardous waste.


Wipro Limited is a globally-recognized information technology, consulting, and business process services leader headquartered in India. Its 160,000 employees work with 1,274 clients in 66+ countries across six continents to generate annual revenue of $8.5bn. The scale of WIPRO’s operations necessitates the “Central Procurement Organization – CPO” to manage a spend of $2.3 billion annually of which IT Spend alone is $500 million annually in 54 countries. In addition to using EPEAT for internal organizational procurement, WIPRO spends $46 million on EPEAT-registered computers and displays on behalf of their customers worldwide.

WIPRO purchases EPEAT-registered electronics in four categories – computers and displays, office imaging equipment, mobile phones, and servers – with plans to purchase EPEAT-registered network equipment and photovoltaic modules when those categories become available under the EPEAT ecolabel.

Wipro takes the view that as a large corporation they must act as a socioeconomic citizen, aligning their objectives with society’s goals and using their significant power to influence social issues. Their recently rearticulated values include ‘Treat each person with respect’, ‘Be global and responsible’ and ‘Unyielding integrity in everything we do’, which underscore the basic tenets of social responsibility and corporate citizenship. As an IT services company, incorporating sustainable practices into their IT procurement activities helps Wipro to demonstrate their sustainability leadership to their stakeholders across the board.