State of Sustainability Research for Corporate ESG Performance

March 14, 2022

The State of Sustainability Research for Corporate ESG Performance provides an overview of key labor and workforce concerns and current practices in social auditing in the electronics supply chain. This research then provides thoughtful and practical strategies to improve social audits and performance in the sector for consideration in the upcoming revision of criteria for EPEAT ICT product categories. Strategies include increased supply chain transparency, improvements in factory monitoring and reporting, and meaningful remediation of non-conformance findings during audits.

To produce this report, GEC partnered with Electronics Watch, an independent human rights monitoring organization with extensive global field experience that helps public buyers address and protect the rights of workers in electronics supply chains.

This State of Sustainability Research is currently open for a 60-day public comment period. GEC welcomes stakeholder review and comments using the Public Comment Form and submitting it via e-mail to no later than 11:59 EST on May 14, 2022.