Technology & Conservation Webinar Series

In this webinar series, GEC will explore how technology can protect our world.

Biodiversity conservation is of critical importance for a world that faces an alarming decline in plant and animal species. A recent United Nations’ report projects that up to 1 million of the world’s estimated 8 million plant and animal species could be lost over the coming decades. While food crop production has increased 300% since 1970, 23% of land areas have reduced productivity because of land degradation, 11% of the world’s population is undernourished, and seed diversity for the crops we rely on has decreased significantly. As the world struggles to rein in greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of climate change, loss of animal and plant diversity threatens our ability to feed ourselves, discover new medicines and counteract the greenhouse gasses that are causing climate change. But all is not gloom and doom. Technology can play an important role in supporting biodiversity conservation and this webinar series will highlight new and important ways that Technology is conserving and Protecting our Natural World.

Can Drones Help to Conserve the Planets’ Natural Resources? 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 8:00am PT / 11:00am ET 

Drones aren’t just for hobbyists.  They are also used by scientists to monitor natural resources.  The unique birds-eye-view drones provide can help in the development of strategies that keep our precious natural resources healthy.  This webinar will describe how drones are being used to monitor and protect coral reefs, agricultural productivity, and endangered species. 


  • Dr. Ved ChirayathDirector, Laboratory for Advanced SensingNASA Ames Research Center
  • Nina Kantcheva TushevSenior Policy Advisor, UNDP
  • Nancy Gillis, CEO, Global Electronics Council

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