EPEAT Conformity Assurance Implementation Manual (P66 Issue 2 Rev 3) effective يوليو 1, 2024, provides additional information on Criteria for different locations of use (countries). Participating Manufacturers designate their EPEAT registered products as available for use by purchasers in specific countries.

Some Optional Criteria may be selected differently for individual locations of use (countries). Some Criteria, both Optional and Required, have requirements for which evidence of conformance may vary on a country-by-country basis.

To assist with Initial Documentation Review sampling when Participating Manufacturers have identified multiple locations of use (countries), the EPEAT Program will maintain a list of EPEAT Criteria where evidence may vary by country [EPEAT Conformity Assurance Considerations for Multiple Locations of Use (P95)]. This document will identify the minimum sampling that must occur, where EPEAT Criteria must be reviewed for more than one country, and where evidence may demonstrate conformance for multiple countries.

While this document is effective on يوليو 1, 2024 with the updated revisions of P66 (Issue 2 Rev 3), this document is now available to Participating Manufacturers and GEC-approved CABs on the EPEAT Registry Resources page.