GEC Purchaser Commitment

What Is The Commitment?

The GEC Purchaser Commitment is a multi-year global campaign dedicated to growing a global community of procurement leaders to demonstrate the massive impact that purchasing has on sustainability.

The campaign recognizes the leaders in sustainable procurement by promoting their commitment to purchasing sustainable and circular technology products and services. Campaign participants set targets for sustainable procurement of ICT and reporting on that progress. To help participants meet these targets, GEC also gives participants access to the GEC Purchaser Network, where they can find resources and connect with colleagues to get the support to achieve these commitments.

This campaign will recognize the good work already being done by institutional purchasers and use their example to encourage others to join and demonstrate the incredible impacts of procurement on the planet.

Make the Commitment

  1. Set targets for purchasing sustainable and circular technology and services
      • Standard recommendation
        • 25% of technology spend by 2025
        • 50% of technology spend by 2030
        • 100% of technology spend by 2050
      • Or custom targets
  2. Report progress
      • Share within and outside your organization

CEP Affiliate Project

The GEC Purchaser Commitment is an affiliate project of the Circular Electronics Partnership (CEP) comprised of leaders from the technology sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline to make a commitment?

There is no deadline to make a commitment. We accept applications all year round on a rolling basis.


How are organizations expected to report on their purchasing?

Organizations are not required to submit data to GEC regarding their voluntary commitment. However, to receive recognition for their achievements, organizations are encouraged to share their annual percent spend on sustainable and circular technology products and services.


Will there be meetings or events for organizations that have signed the commitment?

Yes. Special events are planned annually (either in person or virtually) for commitment signees to promote best practices, share success stories, and network. Participation is voluntary. Learn more about events and resources by joining the GEC Purchaser Network.


Aside from submitting the application, what else is involved?

Submitting the form is the first step. The next step is to join the GEC Purchaser Network where the Commitment’s supporting activities, meetings, resources, networking, and collective impact results will be accessible.


Our reliance on technology and the amount of ICT products we use continues to increase, causing negative impacts on climate change and an increase in e-waste. By purchasing sustainable and circular technology products and services, we can address those impacts at scale and collectively build a better world.

The GEC Purchaser Commitment seeks to leverage the power of purchasing to help mitigate climate change and reduce e-waste.

Technology’s role
in climate change

It takes energy to manufacture, use, and dispose of technology. Increased energy demand equates to an accelerated increase in GHG emissions​.

  • Sending a single email on average is responsible for emitting 4g of carbon dioxide; with an attachment, the estimate is 50g.
  • Watching online videos accounts for 60% of the world’s internet traffic and generates roughly 1% of global emissions.

Technology’s role
in e-waste

The volume of existing and new types of technology grows every year. With this growth comes an ever-increasing amount of electronic waste.


Using ecolabels, purchasers globally can engage in the procurement of credible, sustainable, and circular technology products and services.

The GEC Purchaser Commitment seeks to create a collective demand signal to the market by leveraging the use of ecolabels. Through ecolabels, purchasers have access to the widest range of credible sustainable technology products from global brands, as well as by local and small businesses.

Available ecolabels for technology products:


Here’s a list of resources to assist you on your journey toward sustainable and circular procurement.

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