EPEAT Climate+

As extreme weather events fueled by climate change become increasingly frequent, combating climate change is a top concern for electronics manufacturers, consumers, institutions, policymakers and investors.

Many companies strive for low carbon or even “net zero” operations or products to appeal to these parties. Unfortunately, greenwashing and difficulties in proving the efficacy of some practices such as carbon offsets create skepticism that hurts these efforts. As a result, brands need to prove their claims are 1) meaningful and 2) independently verified. EPEAT® Climate+TM offers electronics brands a way to do both in the process of designing, manufacturing and promoting products that reflect their commitment to addressing climate change.


EPEAT Climate+ helps purchasers quickly identify technology products designed and manufactured with climate change mitigation in mind. It is a product designation that can be achieved by EPEAT registered products. EPEAT Climate+ designated products are qualified against a unique set of climate criteria by companies with progressive corporate practices in this area. Products meeting these criteria are ideal for organizations seeking to track and achieve climate impact goals related to their procurement


In addition to EPEAT’s product category-specific criteria, which address a full range of impact areas, Climate+ designated products must meet criteria that require:


Public and Third-Party Verified Product GHG Disclosures


Energy Efficient Upstream Manufacturing Processes


Science-Based GHG Reduction Targets


Sourcing of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources


Product Energy Efficiency Standards

These elements of the EPEAT Climate Criteria were developed to ensure that products and the companies that design and manufacture them meet industry best practices around decarbonization. These criteria were created in a balanced, multi-stakeholder process with purchasers, manufacturers, scientists, industry experts, policymakers, and sustainability advocates, ensuring they are ambitious, practical, and science-based.

Third-party verification experts approved by GEC ensure that all required Climate Criteria have been met, bringing the highest level of credibility to the EPEAT Climate+ designation.

How Can EPEAT Climate+ Benefit My Organization?

Climate+ helps manufacturers demonstrate their climate change mitigation efforts directly to purchasers, policy makers, investors, and other important players in their larger stakeholder communities. Read more to see how this benefits your brand and how it may register products.
The Global Electronics Council (GEC) Climate+ Pledge harnesses the purchasing power of institutional procurement to address the GHG emissions of the ICT products they buy. Read more to learn how the GEC Climate+ Pledge can empower your procurement.