GEC Conformity Assurance Services

GEC Conformity Assurance

The Global Electronics Council manages an EPEAT-approved Conformity Assurance Body (CAB) with more than a decade of EPEAT experience. As the “GEC CAB”, we have supported EPEAT participating manufacturers since 2006 and maintain rigorous accreditation to ISO/IEC 17020.  We have an unparalleled technical understanding of EPEAT’s requirements and are particularly helpful to companies just joining EPEAT and to small and medium companies with limited resources who seek to work as efficiently as possible. The GEC Assurance & Training Services staff have helped organizations find practical approaches to their sustainability challenges for more than 25 years.

Our Services

GEC CAB works with both large and small companies around the world and we customize our support to a company’s level of knowledge, experience and need. We teach companies how to do EPEAT right – from using the EPEAT Registry software to having an in-depth understanding of the sustainability requirements. If new technical issues arise, we help companies understand them. We spend the time that’s needed because our goal is to build capacity. We want companies to be able to succeed without us. GEC CAB understands voluntary sustainability standards and certification in a way that others don’t. Our staff have more than 25 years of experience with ecolabelling programs in a broad range of industry verticals and supply chains. We have designed and implemented a wide range of inspection and conformity protocols and programs. We understand EPEAT’s programmatic needs and translate these in a way that is easy to understand and execute. GEC CAB is mission driven but understands that sustainability must also be good business practice and meet market needs. We want to achieve a world in which only sustainable IT products are designed, manufactured and purchased. But in a way that also makes good business sense for our clients.


With particular expertise in conformity assurance, GEC CAB offers conformity-assurance services as an EPEAT-approved Conformity Assurance Body. We have supported manufacturers’ EPEAT efforts since 2006 and can facilitate your company’s participation in EPEAT. Please contact us with any questions about our process.

  1. Complete the Manufacturer Information Form and return it by email.
  2. We send an invoice for GEC CAB Fees and instructions for payment.
  3. Complete the GEC CAB Services Agreement and return it by email.
  4. We send log-in information for EPEAT and detailed instructions for accessing your dashboard and for registering products. We also provide web-based training so you can hit-the-ground-running and get the most out of EPEAT.
  5. We continue our support throughout your EPEAT journey.


GEC CAB fees for EPEAT conformity assurance are on a sliding scale, based on revenue of covered products. These fees allow a company to register an unlimited number of products for the particular category in EPEAT.