The 2nd public consultation on the Draft Criteria on Chemicals of Concern for the EPEAT ecolabel is now open to all interested stakeholders. These criteria address manufacturer programs to reduce sustainability impacts resulting from chemical substances used in products, manufacturing processes and packaging. Criteria also require inventory and transparency about chemicals substances found in products, including PFAS, and the identification of safer chemicals.

The 2nd public consultation period opened March 29, 2024, and closes April 28, 2024, at 11:59 pm ET.  For public commenters, the 2nd consultation is limited in scope to those revisions proposed by the Technical Committee since the initial public consultation.

The public consultation process is managed by NSF International, on behalf of GEC. All public comments must be submitted through the NSF comment platform, which provides detailed instructions on comment submittal.

Please contact Cassandra Leone at NSF ( for assistance with comment submittal, if needed.

General questions regarding EPEAT criteria should be directed to