Date: 20 – 22 November 2023

This invitation-only course is an online workshop for procurement and policy professionals. It’s an introduction to European public procurement law and how it can be leveraged for sustainability. The workshop is facilitated by the Academy of European Law (ERA) and supported by the Global Electronics Council (GEC).


This course will provide an introduction to European public procurement law, including environmental and social considerations.

Who should attend?

Procurement practitioners and environmental and social policy makers seeking an introduction to sustainability and European public procurement law.


  • Relevant introduction to EU public procurement law, including the latest developments
  • Practical approach
  • Top-level speakers with diverse profiles
  • Designed to facilitate online participation with focused modular sessions

Key topics

  • Essential concepts and underlying principles in EU public procurement
  • Environmental and social inclusion in the public procurement process
  • Selection and award criteria
  • Strategic procurement
  • e-Procurement
  • Procurement by EU Institutions and bodies
  • Overview of relevant impacts from the European Green Deal
  • Group simulation exercise to emphasize learning Participants will be able to deepen their knowledge through pre-read material, lectures, and interactive exercise simulation.