Technical Committee launching for Corporate ESG criteria for EPEAT ecolabel – now is your opportunity to get involved!

The Global Electronics Council (GEC) is developing criteria to address corporate ESG performance, throughout the life cycle of electronic products. These criteria will be leveraged across all EPEAT ICT product categories, initially including computers and displays, mobile phones, imaging equipment, servers, and televisions. This Call for Participation is to notify stakeholders of the opportunity to participate in the multi-stakeholder Technical Committee that will evaluate and reach consensus on sustainability leadership criteria to promote responsible social and environmental performance, particularly in the upstream electronics supply chain. GEC is partnering with NSF International, an organization with extensive expertise in managing voluntary consensus processes, to convene and manage the Technical Committee.

The criteria will address best practices for mitigating social and environmental risks, inclusive of criteria addressing labor and occupational health and safety, social supplier audits and transparency, responsible mineral sourcing, and corporate environmental management systems.

Applications for Technical Committee membership are due by midnight U.S. Eastern Time on August 31, 2022.  See the Call for Participation for additional information on Technical Committee membership and the application form.

Corporate ESG Performance is one of four criteria modules currently under development that will be applied across all EPEAT product categories. Other criteria modules include Climate Change Mitigation, Sustainable Use of Resources, and Chemicals of Concern. See the overview of Criteria Modules by Sustainability Impact for more information on these criteria modules, GEC’s criteria development process, participation options, and anticipated schedule.

Questions about Technical Committee applications should be directed to Greta Baragar at NSF ( If you have questions about the Corporate ESG criteria or the criteria development process, please contact GEC at: