GEC is excited to announce a bold new initiative that could help EPEAT Participating Manufacturers get more exposure for their EPEAT-registered products and make it easier for institutional purchasers to identify EPEAT-registered products on third-party platforms.

GEC is exploring a new initiative to provide more visibility of EPEAT-registered products on third-party platforms. These could include eCommerce sites and online B2B marketplaces. This could significantly increase the visibility of EPEAT-registered products to institutional purchasers.

The initiative is in its initial exploratory phase. GEC is working with a limited number of partners to test an Application Programming Interface, or API, to ensure that it technically works properly. This API would provide automated, nearly real-time data sharing with third-party platforms, so EPEAT-registered products would be more visible in online marketplaces and internal procurement resources. This would support purchasers to identify EPEAT-registered products on other platforms outside of the EPEAT Registry.

The technical testing will begin on June 6, 2022, and we welcome any comments or concerns by June 3, 2022. Please submit them to

Depending on the results of the technical testing, GEC plans to move on to a pilot program with a select group of third-party platform partners, likely beginning in Q3 2022. During the pilot program, all EPEAT Participating Manufacturers will have full control to approve whether their data is shared with any platform. GEC will keep stakeholders informed on the progress.

GEC hopes that stakeholders are as excited as we are to explore new ways to develop tools to connect institutional purchasers to EPEAT-registered products.