The 2nd public consultation on the Draft Imaging Equipment Consumables Criteria for the EPEAT ecolabel is now open to all interested stakeholders. The draft criteria address design of imaging equipment to allow for use of remanufactured cartridges, to minimize use of paper and to meet internationally recognized indoor air quality standards, as well as consumable take-back programs to enable circularity.

The 2nd public consultation period opens April19, 2024 and closes May 20, 2024,11:59 ET. For public commenters, the 2nd consultation is limited in scope to those revisions proposed by the Technical Committee since the initial public consultation.

These criteria will be applied to the EPEAT Imaging Equipment product category only, along with criteria for Climate Change Mitigation, Sustainable Use of Resources, Reducing Chemicals of Concern and Responsible Supply Chains.

The public consultation process is managed by NSF International, on behalf of GEC. Comments must be submitted by11:59 pm ET on May 20, 2024 through the NSF Online Workspace (NOW). Instructions on submitting comments are provided on the NOW. To support openness and transparency, the NSF website displays all public comments and their resolution.

Please contact Cassandra Leone at NSF ( for assistance with comment submittal, if needed.

General questions regarding EPEAT criteria should be directed to