The EPEAT Program ensures the ongoing conformance of EPEAT-registered products through a surveillance process known as Continuous Monitoring. Continuous Monitoring activities occur throughout the year and test the ability of Participating Manufacturers to prove conformance with EPEAT Criteria on an ongoing basis. All EPEAT-registered products in all product categories and all Participating Manufacturers are subject to Continuous Monitoring.

Continuous Monitoring activities include investigations planned by the EPEAT Program and implemented by GEC-approved Conformity Assurance Bodies (CABs) within discrete timeframes called Continuous Monitoring Rounds. For each Round, the EPEAT Program specifies the products and EPEAT Criteria to be investigated, the specific timeframe for investigative activities, and the method of investigation that CABs must use.

To maintain the level of transparency relied on by purchasers, the EPEAT Program publishes an Outcomes Report at the conclusion of each Round to summarize the activities conducted and to identify the products and Participating Manufacturers that received nonconformances, and the actions taken to restore the accuracy of the EPEAT Registry.

The Outcomes Report for Continuous Monitoring Round MP-2023-02 is now available on the EPEAT Registry. This Round involved Level 0 investigations of products in the Mobile Phones category. Level 0 Investigations require CABs to review publicly available information to determine conformance with specific EPEAT Criteria.

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