EPEAT provides Conformity Guidance Materials, available for download by CABs and Participating Manufacturers as guidance to help navigate the verification requirements of EPEAT criteria. Conformity Guidance Materials undergo updates periodically. To keep stakeholders informed of these updates, EPEAT maintains the Conformity Guidance Materials History spreadsheet, which contains updates and versions for each criterion for each product category. Both the Conformity Guidance Materials and their version history can be accessed by logging into your user account at https://epeat.net/resources.

Following are the most recent updates to the Conformity Requirements and Guidance Materials:

  • CCM 4.1.1 – Required – Product carbon footprint disclosure and assurance
  • CCM 4.1.2 – Required – Corporate GHG inventory
  • CCM 4.3.1 – Required – Communication of energy management requirements for key component facilities
  • CCM 4.4.1 – Required – Manufacturer use of renewable electricity
  • CCM 4.4.2 – Optional – Manufacturer increased use of renewable electricity
  • CCM 4.4.3 – Optional – Supplier use of renewable electricity
  • CCM 4.6.1 – Required – Conformance with applicable ENERGY STAR product eligibility criteria

The following are the most recent updates to the Conformity Guidance Materials: 

Imaging Equipment: 

  • – Required—Restriction on materials not compatible with reuse and recycling 
  • – Optional—Product life-cycle assessment and public disclosure of analyses


  • 5.1.1 – Required: ENERGY STAR