EPEAT® provides Conformity Guidance Materials, available for download by CABs and Participating Manufacturers, as guidance to help navigate the verification requirements of EPEAT criteria. These materials help both groups understand EPEAT Criteria requirements, provide supplementary information, and where necessary, provide further details regarding demonstration of conformance with EPEAT Criteria.

Conformity Guidance Materials undergo updates periodically. To keep stakeholders informed of these updates, EPEAT maintains the Conformity Guidance Materials History spreadsheet, which contains updates and versions for each criterion for each product category. Both the Conformity Guidance Materials and their version history can be accessed by logging into your user account at https://epeat.net/resources.

  • Computers and Displays, Imaging Equipment, Televisions, Servers 6.1.2, Network Equipment 4.1.2: All materials were updated to reflect that the EU battery directive has been updated, and as of August 2024, includes a threshold for lead.
  • Computers and Displays Updated to reflect that IEC 62632 and EN 62632 were updated in 2022 and testing is required to the version that is current at the time of selecting conformance to this criterion.
  • Climate Change Mitigation 4.1.1, 4.2.1, 4.4.1, 4.4.2: Updated to reflect new recently answered questions.