EPEAT provides Program Policy and Guidance Resources documents for CABs and Participating Manufacturers to supplement the policies of the EPEAT Program. Periodically, new documents are added, or existing documents are updated. These resources can be accessed by logging into your user account at https://epeat.net/resources.

The following is the most recent change to the EPEAT Program Policy and Guidance Resources:

P92: Annual Renewal Criteria Corporate Level Annual Reporting Requirements Issue 1
During Annual Renewal activities, Participating Manufacturers shall provide evidence demonstrating continued conformance with those EPEAT Criteria they have selected that have annual performance, reporting or other disclosure requirements at the corporate level. To facilitate Annual Renewal activities, the EPEAT Program maintains a list of the applicable corporate level EPEAT Criteria for each product category. This document identifies the parts of Criteria with annual performance, reporting, or other disclosure requirements. It does not identify all requirements that must be met as part of Initial or Ongoing Documentation Review. Participating Manufacturers and CABs must refer to the Criterion for additional evidence requirements (e.g., acceptable documentation, appropriate standards/methodologies to be used, information to include in disclosures) to demonstrate conformance and/or competence.