On February 15, the Global Electronics Council (GEC) published revised versions of key EPEAT Program documents including the EPEAT Policy Manual (P65), EPEAT Conformity Assurance Implementation Manual (P66), GEC Criteria Development Process (P74), and GEC Selection of Product Categories (P75). These documents are either available directly on the EPEAT Registry, or under the “resources” section of the Registry for those with a Registry account—all documents are also available upon request.

GEC released proposed revisions to these documents for a public stakeholder comment period from October 16 through December 15, 2023. Stakeholder consultation is a crucial element of Type 1 ecolabels, and an important component of the EPEAT Program. To this end, stakeholders were invited to submit written feedback on these documents. GEC also held a series of virtual information sessions for stakeholders to highlight and provide clarity on key proposed revisions.

GEC thanks all stakeholders for the constructive feedback provided during the public comment period and appreciates the time and effort stakeholders took to review the documents. Stakeholder comment reports are available upon request.  

New requirements take effect on July 1, 2024. Participating Manufacturers and GEC-approved Conformity Assurance Bodies must operate in accordance with both EPEAT Policy Manual (P65) and EPEAT Conformity Assurance Implementation Manual (P66) as of this effective date to fulfill EPEAT Program requirements. The EPEAT Program will develop training resources to identify new requirements for CABs and Participating Manufacturers.

Please direct any questions about these documents to epeat@gec.org.