As you know, GEC is undertaking a multi-year initiative to update EPEAT criteria to align with priority sustainability impacts of electronic products and their supply chains, and to ensure the criteria:

  • Meet purchaser demands with an increased focus on climate change and supply chains,
  • Address sustainability impacts consistently across product categories, and
  • Respond to rapid changes in both technology and market trends.

The priority sustainability impact areas include Climate Change, Circularity and Sustainable Use of Resources, Chemicals of Concern, and Corporate ESG Performance. When complete, the updated criteria will be applied across all EPEAT product categories, starting with Computers and Displays, Imaging Equipment, Mobile Phones, Servers, and Televisions.

In January of 2023, GEC released the implementation plan and timeline for the transition to the updated criteria. Since that time, we’ve continued to receive feedback on the plan and timeline. In addition, implementation topics were addressed during monthly CAB Calibration meetings and monthly Conformity Guidance Group meetings. From June through August 2023, we also engaged with key stakeholders specifically on the implementation timeline, taking into consideration modifications to the criteria development schedule.

Based on the above, GEC is pleased to announce a revision to the implementation plan and timeline.

This document identifies revised dates for implementation and provides additional details on other key activities that will support an efficient and successful transition, including the EPEAT Climate+ designation for manufacturers who adopt the required Climate Criteria early.

We deeply appreciate the ongoing engagement and feedback we’ve received and believe we’ve reached the right balance for a fair and credible path to implement the updated EPEAT criteria in the coming years. We remain committed to supporting all stakeholders during this transition process.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the revised implementation plan and timeline by emailing us at