Top Three Reasons to Apply for the EPEAT Purchaser Awards

March 23, 2022


The annual EPEAT Purchaser Awards recognize excellence in the sustainable procurement of IT products. EPEAT Purchasers will be recognized for each product category in which they purchase EPEAT-registered IT products. Here are three good reasons why you should apply for the EPEAT Purchasers Award. 

First Off, what is EPEAT?  

EPEAT is a Type 1ecolabel recognized by ANAB (ANSI National Accreditation Board) defined by ISO 14024: Environmental Labels and Declarations. EPEAT is the leading ecolabel for sustainable technology products and services. Since it launched in 2006, purchasers have chosen to buy 1.5 billion EPEAT-registered products, resulting in the reduction of 220 million metric tonnes of greenhouse gases.  

1. Embrace Environmental Challenges and Meet Your Sustainability Goals 

Meeting sustainability goals can be challenging, but it is possible. EPEAT was created to help purchasers easily meet their sustainability requirements and is the simplest way to search for sustainable IT products. The EPEAT Registry is a searchable database of EPEAT-registered products that allows purchasers to quickly survey the market to identify products that are more environmentally favorable. By using EPEAT to find products and services, purchasers can satisfy organizational goals related to climate change, chemicals of concern, social issues, and e-waste.  

2. Recognition Within the Emerging Sustainable IT Industry  

EPEAT-registered products meet standards to be identified as sustainable throughout their lifecycle, from materials extraction to manufacturing, usage, and end of life. EPEAT Purchaser Award winners are known for their work in advancing the sustainable procurement of environmentally friendly technologies and are recognized for their purchase of products in multiple IT categories , including computer displays, imaging equipment, mobile phones, network equipment, photovoltaic modules and inverters, servers, and televisions. When recognized as an EPEAT Purchaser Award winner, Global Electronics Council (GEC) will also promote your organization’s leadership through our communications and in our annual awards ceremony. Award winners receive a physical trophy, a certificate, and an environmental impacts analysis of their procurement. 

3. Quantify Impacts and Build Capacity  

EPEAT Purchaser Awards promote and recognize excellence in sustainable procurement of IT products. When awarding an EPEAT Purchaser Award, GEC also quantifies your company’s sustainability impacts by calculating impact metrics from greenhouse gas (GHG emission reductions and cost savings. GEC will soon launch the GEC Circular Technology Network to provide resources and connections to other peers in the field.  Award winners receive a  

Apply Now! Applications are Due April 1, 2022.  

Make sure to submit your application by April 1, 2022. Learn more about the EPEAT Purchaser Award and the eligibility requirements here.