The Global Electronics Council (GEC) is pleased to receive the 2023 Green Power Leadership Award for advancing supply chain decarbonization!

Marking an industry first, GEC recently announced the addition of criteria within its EPEAT ecolabel system focused on decarbonizing the supply chain for solar panel production. These criteria are the first by a global ecolabel to set thresholds for the embodied carbon in the manufacturer of photovoltaics (PV) modules and will be a requirement for achieving the EPEAT ecolabel designation for PV modules in mid-2023. These criteria incentivize manufacturers and suppliers to design and manufacture low-embodied carbon PV modules, thereby driving investment in green power sources for manufacturing operations. The criteria will make EPEAT an indispensable tool for purchasers to identify PV modules that meet meaningful thresholds for low embodied carbon and reducing Scope 3 emissions. 

The EPEAT ecolabel also promotes the sourcing of renewable energy through its technical performance requirements that reward ICT manufacturers for use of renewable electricity in their operations and supply chains. Existing EPEAT renewable energy criteria apply to computers and display products, while updated criteria, to be published in May 2023, will also apply to imaging equipment, servers, mobile phones and TVs, furthering the potential for renewable energy market development. GEC will launch its Climate Change Early Adopter designation in September 2023 to recognize ICT brand leaders in adopting best practices in reducing GHG emissions, including sourcing renewable electricity.

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