Wednesday, April 3, 2023 – 8 am PDT /11 am EDT / 5 pm CEST

Ralitza Naydenova, Circular Electronics Partnership (CEP) Secretariate, and Beth Eckl, OhioHealth’s Sustainable Procurement Advisor, will join GEC’s Bob Mitchell, Patty Dillon, and Kaushik Ramakrishnan at GEC’s Circularity: Transforming Electronics Procurement for a Sustainable Future virtual event.

The event, which will feature an additional speaker from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), explores ongoing initiatives that promise to deliver both organizational and planetary benefits. This webinar is an essential opportunity for professionals looking to integrate circularity into their procurement strategies, enhancing both environmental impact and business value.

You’ll gain insights from the CEP on their roadmap for circularity for the electronics sector and learn from ITU about their international standard and complementary circularity guide for ITC goods for the public sector. The session marks the launch of GEC’s innovative Purchaser Guide for Circularity and offers an update to the anticipated EPEAT Circularity Criteria, set to be released later in 2024.