GEC is pleased to release its final State of Sustainability Research for Corporate ESG Performance, which reflects stakeholder comments and data-supported recommendations submitted during the public consultation process. This State of Sustainability Research serves as the evidenced-based scientific foundation for EPEAT criteria development.

The research provides an overview of key labor and workforce concerns and current practices in social auditing in the electronics supply chain. This research then provides thoughtful and practical strategies to improve social audits and performance in the sector. Strategies include increased supply chain transparency, improvements in factory monitoring and reporting, and meaningful remediation of non-conformance findings during audits.

The State of Sustainability Research for Corporate ESG Performance is the fourth analysis in support of GEC’s initiative to develop modular criteria that will apply across all EPEAT ICT product categories. Additional analyses include State of Sustainability Research for Climate Change Mitigation, State of Sustainability Research for Sustainable Use of Resources, and State of Sustainability Research on Chemicals of Concern.

If you have questions about the Corporate ESG criteria or the criteria development process, please contact GEC at: